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22nd-May-2012 08:08 pm - Legends of Peace
Unico, book
I published my short story, "Legends of Peace", as an ebook on Smashwords! Hopefully, it'll be available elsewhere as well soon! Until then, I'm giving away a coupon code until Saturday for a free download of the ebook. Just comment here or send me an email for the code. All I ask is that you let someone else know about Legends of Peace if you enjoy reading it. :-)

This little ebook has cover art done but a good friend of mine, Barbara Harris. I think she did a great job, don't you??
22nd-May-2012 01:43 am - News about this Blog
Unico, book
You might have noticed that this blog is looking a little bare. Don't worry. I'm just cleaning house. I've got lots of plans in the works.

First of all, I'm working on editing Crimson Wings to get it ready for publication. It's a lot of work though. I need to make Sidra stronger in the beginning and revamp those first couple of chapters... And those are just two of the revisions I'm working on. I'm hoping the book won;t get any longer and will stay about the same size, but we'll see!

I am also trying to get better published. This includes more writing and editing of my many little stories. Plus, I have a short story off for a contest. It's a little different, in formatting and style, so I'm not sure how much of a chance it stands. Still, if I don't try, it definitely won't happen.

Next,Legends of Peace is being made into its own little short ebook as we speak. It's just too long for magazines to work with really. And it's genre is a mixture of science fiction and fantasy, so it doesn't really fit many places. Therefore, I'm going to be selling it through Smashwords, and through them I can get it up on Barnes&Noble and even Apple, so look forward to more news on that!

Finally, I'm starting to write up a series of short stories about a group of warrior women. They didn't start out as warriors, but they will become what they need to be in order to survive. Warrior Brides is being written now and as soon as I have enough written and edited, I will start posting a story every week. Keep watch here for more news!
13th-Dec-2011 12:11 am - Crimson Wings Excerpt
Unico, book
This is a relatively unedited (more intense editing to come) scene from Chapter 1 of my book, Crimson Wings.

Sidra is a young Human woman who is crossing over lines that her dominant society would rather were never crossed. Here you can see that line and what the Humans think of the Guardians, who exist on the other side of that line. The Guardians live beside Humans on the world of Kortrime in our far future. Here they serve as a police force, protecting their Human neighbors. They will also, to some extent, serve as a military force if one is ever needed.

Click here for the excerptCollapse )
25th-Jan-2006 01:48 am - Tempest Dawn
Unico, book
"Tempest Dawn"

Author's Rating: G

Summary: Eos, the Greek goddess of dawn and twilight, combats a storm on an otherwise normal morning.

Notes: I started this because I wanted to experiment with movement in my writing. Since I had a class during my course at Glasgow University that was concentrating on movement, I began this story. I had such fun with it, I continued the story. During some research on Angel names, I came across Eos, the Greek goddess of dawn, and decided that she would be perfect for the main character. This story featured in both my first and final portfolios for my Master's at Glasgow University.

Published: 2004-2005 Creative Writing Course Anthology, Snacks After Swimming

Pub Date: May 2006
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